Wednesday, December 28, 2011


 Feminism is the new buzzword entertained by the global village today. Clearly feminism is a much needed notion or rather an awareness to be created in our society, especially in India. A country which ranks 134 in human development index (UNDP), a place where about 26% of the population is below the poverty line and about 45% of the population below the international poverty line, a place where issues of gender discrimination, female infanticide, dowry deaths, makes the headlines every day, a country whose gender ratio is one of the poorest in the world, feminism is the much needed ideology to be inculcated in our society and not at a superficial level but at a strong deeper levels. Initially the word “feminism” meant qualities of women, later on it defined the women movements on liberty and equal rights, and now, it advocates strong beliefs that females are equal to males and hence they should have an equal contribution in social, political, religious and economical spheres of society.

Initially Indian or “Hindustani” culture worshipped female goddesses like lakshmi, saraswati, durga etc. These deities are still worshipped by the Hindus today but the true meaning of the female power that they projected somehow got lost in the way. Many sociologists and theologists have observed that a community which worships a female goddess are far more gender-tolerant and respectable towards females than the ones which worship male gods.                                                          But if we critically analyse almost every religion have some or the other rules which interprets that females have an inferior status to males. Hinduism on a whole is ambiguous about the status of females as on one hand it preaches female- “shakti” but on the other preaches certain rules on conduct of life and death which clearly limits the role of females as the less worthy one. Islam has somehow earned a reputation of being unfair to the females but many Islamic feminists believe that the holy Quran is wrongly interpreted and “Allah” considers every human equal but sadly such thought is not entertained by the majority people of that community. The church does not allow females to be the pope and the much barbaric incident of the “Salem- witch hunt”, which as some historians believe was a step to bring down the pagan practices of prayer of these independent females who were losing faith in the church was never properly justified by the church.  No one can dispute that Religion is “man-made”& not god made, but clearly this “man” had some major issues of giving females an equal status before god and society.
 Well, this “man” definitely does not get the power to determine the status of females before god but got the power to determine the status of females in the society, and this “man” was not wise in doing his job in fact he turned out to be a megalomaniac, and the saddest part was that he succeeded in preaching what he wanted and today’s unjust society validates it’s succession
Whenever there is a war situation between two countries or a dispute between two communities’ females becomes the first victim to the wrath of the enemy, the assault on females becomes a sport in these situations all over the world, even in the mythological stories and characters like Ramayana, Iliad or promiscuous Zeus (Greek mythology) project the same idea.
The government always declare schemes to uplift women and the underprivileged part of the society.” Women” and “underprivileged” come under the same ambit for them. It is as if women are born underprivileged because this is the message the government is giving to the public. Sure there are lot of females who are underprivileged but government and other organizations always create an image of all females being underclass which is not good for the morale of the public.
Females are robed of the credit of their contribution in the society and state. Their potential by and large are underestimated by the entire society even by females themselves which is not a shocker because most of them are raised with the notion that they are inferior to males and their life should only be about taking orders from the men in their lives-father, brother then the husband and finally sons. Even education has not been able to do much to change such a mind set. The domestic art is the only art females have been raised to learn, and of course creating babies is another.
Sure things are changing we have females in every field working hard, soaring high, but it’s just a handful of them. The basic mentality of people has not changed, especially in India. Here parents would want their girls to get married off rather than have ambitious careers and one of the major reasons behind it is the ubiquitous dowry system which takes away most of a girl’s education fund and converts it into a marriage fund. “Trophy wives” and “arm candies” are far more celebrated concept than “female independence”.
The recent slut walk at Delhi was one of the examples of a shallow understanding of feminism in our country. With all due respect these educated females were far more interested in making their clothes morally correct than protesting against issues like female infanticide. A country which does not even allow many of its female child to live and prefer killing them when they are not even born how will they allow them to dress they like.

It has also to be understood that feminism is not chivalry or charity but it is an awareness or moral needed to have a balanced society. It in no way preaches female superiority but advocates equality of gender and rightful position of females in our society. Male and female power needs to work together as equals to evolve our society as something more developed intellectually and passively in every other way. It’s only when the yin and yang of our society be balanced than there will be peace and harmony in this world.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

an open letter to my estranged lover: mathematics a.k.a maths

dear maths,

i know you must be quite busy, being pampered by those nerds or being fantasized about by those IIT-aspiring scholars.The chances of you reading this are as bleak as my getting a full marks in your tests..
you have been my child-hood companion.. I changed schools, classes and towns.. but you always stayed with me. we could have been best- friends you know.. you, me a pen and a copy where we could have had the pleasure of solving your sweet verses. BUT, you..... !!!

 I started with basics, addition was easy.. but subtraction!!!.. you were so shallow, as you don't let numbers "let go"
...confused me like hell!! but i conquered it, i sure did, took me time.. but i did all for you...
 then came multiplications..... TABLES***horror**!!!..
somethingh which i haven't YET  completely conquered...but i am still trying.. these 20 yrs if necessary see i am doing my best.., just for you.. to win your approval..

As time went by you introduced me to Mr. X who came with his own bunch of problems.. every time,in every question in every chapter with a different identity.. i know/suspect for a fact (and every one does) that he's some kind of con-artist or an impostor i believe i would like to see his passport.. but blinded by  your love i still helped him with all my regard, just asking in return only for what was mine... GRADES...but that mean..( and i mean selfish mean not average mean)...took advantage of me  and brought more of his friends- y,z a,b,c,d.... etc and burdened me with their problems too

i have been strong through all this, keeping my self happy with average grades,getting scolded by my parents (ugh!! they seem to love you, i was good in English, but yet my parents have inhibitions about it, which would not have been there if we both had a good relations) and those pathetic side-glances of class-nerds giving me"maths loves me more" looks.. grrrr made me sooooo jealous
i hope you were happy, putting me into misery and embarrassment..
you are a sadist who loves to laugh on my deplorable condition..

But then you changed, i realised i was good in algebra.. Mr x and miss.a,b,c had started being all nice to me in algebraic domain...i thought you also returned my consideration.. a little,, but then again ARITHMETIC, GEOMETRY!!!.... for crying out loud!!!! you love playing with my feelings don't you..!!!

In my 10th std i worked hard to understand you.. well then you ditched me in my BOARD EXAMZZ...
i picked myself up, i could have  dropped you in +2.. but still... i gave you a chance in 12th.. i did better.. we had a good relation and we functioned greatly.. with calculus and all.

I wanted to understand you deeply and i tried so hard.. but you with your little tantrums ruined me for every one else..
But time and again i keep coming back to you...
like now  call me whatever you like..

BUT...let bygones be bygones
i recently had a fresh start with you....... i have cat exams in hardly three months.... you have not been nice to me my entire picked on me.. played with my emotions... but.. please for the sake of our childhood companionship.. last time.. and the only time i want what i worked for.. marks!!..  you owe me.. after all that i have done for you.... uhh,ok i don't deserve you,OK i am not good enough..for you.. i know you are not bad inside.. but just please make it easier for me... i assure you this time I'll work even more harder to not only be in your good books, but be able to solve them too...
you know even if you don't come to me.. I'll keep coming back  to you...and make you so sick that you will have to take me back..

anomic math learner

Saturday, June 25, 2011


This topic was selected by my LBC Group. I think these topics are turning out to be contrary to my indulgence with this group,synchronicity really :)! Anyways the topic really intrigues happens when ur least prepared for it.Are we ever prepared for Life,for love,to win, to lose,for a twist of fate,or a windfall gain,a sudden death,a backstabbing friend,an attractive enemy,or a misleading ambition!can we ever be preapred for those life-changing,redifining momemnts,
NO!so why worry,let KARMA be **

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is my first post as a LBC blogger..and i am two weeks late for my first post due to some, let's just call that "  technical difficulties"
But here i am back with synchronicity..!! 

Synchronicity……….. synchronization.. to be in sync…!!
Not only it comes with a complicated spelling but with complicated meaning too, due its toilsome applicability.
Music, dance or any form of art looks exquisitely pleasing to the senses when  Synchronized without sync no matter how wonderful the artists are, would give a horrible performance,it is quintessential for dance performances,especially in group to be in synch, which happens to be the most grueling part of the dance.
Any group effort without synchronization would undisputed be doomed, but achieving synchronicity is a very difficult task to handle.
In my life, I have quite a handful of activities which are…
 Sleepin and eating yes,for me they count as activities I cannot compromise on sleep n esp, on food, eating is my hobby and talent too, but no one really recognizes that… anyways!!!
I have my studies,but.. yeah takes only few moments of my day
Net surfing or to be exact facebooking , it’s my second home,

 Watching movies, I am a big time movie buff.

Watching sitcoms.. right now. I am hooked on to  how I met your mother season 6, castle season 3 and glee season 2 will be aired soon  next.. I watch deperate housewives too some times.. I am a huge fan a eva longoria.

Besides them, of course, reading.. I am a voracious reader,and when I am devouring myself to books all the other activities, except eating, yes even sleeping, takes a back seat.i completed my last book on monday  a thousand splendid suns by khalid hossieni.. I am goin to start midnight’s children by salman rushdie soon..(if you have any reading sugestions please do give it to me on my comment box)

Hmm and… yes and of course hanging around with my friends.. and enjoying life..
So yeah I have a lot of activities and I have to make them all go in a sync..that’s 
how the synchronicity rolls for me in day to day life.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

my second award*** yipppeeee***.......................but who's counting... ;)

**drum rolls  plzzz***

Hey welll ahem ahem.. this happens to be my second award.."the most stylish blogger" by my gp(gran pop) rummuser who apparently thinks im very stylish. He's himself about 69 but he's no less younger than myself...
so thank you for giving me 

Here are the rules for accepting this award:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 5 other bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

hmm... so here goes 7 things about me..
1. I am big time foodie.....i think about food practically all the time...
2. I like being different
3 I want to be writer .... but havent figured out how?
4. i hate my college
5. when i was little, i wondered..... why there was money in this world?
i was given this answer by my the 2nd chapter in my economics book in class 11
6. sometimes i wished i were a boy.. being gal suckzzz at times...
7.I fanatasize about havin my own private zoo on an island..

now as per the rules i gotta give this award to 5 ppl
1. shubo on world through my camera
2 .ayak turkish delight cutie mel on mel roxxx
4. addy brainwave.. whom i follow like mad..
5.lisas lovin loaves which i know i haven't been visiting but i sure do love her for what she does..

so all you guyzz r sooo... "ishytlish" for me.. and  do have the liberty to flaunt it on your blog

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy republic day: a thought to ponder!!

Today is our republic day...
the day our constitution was adopted ......

our constitution gave us the  status of being a democratic country...
fundamental rights....!!!!!!

But have we as indians made proper use of these rights!!!!!!...
Do we speak on the right momentz?.... like when jessica lal was shot dead before 300 people.. did any one care to speak for her in the court...!!!
In all these corruption scandals did even one person came out to speak about it...
it's the same old rule.."all is fair, until you get caught"
Many people ponder it's the "let go" syndrome that we suffer from..

But i feel it's just our attitude of not speaking our mind on the right moment... i already wrote about it in my earlier post theThe Unexpressive indians 
And i still stand by it.. that we indians lack the adequate communicative skills

Identity crisis is also a major issue which i see with the kids of my age..
I have friends who say
                          " my childhood dream was to study in IIT"
but only few of them told me
                           " my childhood dream was to become an engineer"

i have seen literature students not being interested in talking about Shakespeare and i ask myself ..... "WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING  IN WHATEVER THEY ARE DOING!!!!"

I know girls who are  studying just for the sake of getting a good husband but not to make a career

itz not that every one has to be an engineer, manager or doctor...but follow your passion should be the key to your life not what is koool.. or what every one else is doing?/

or where is more moneyyyyyy!!!!!
ok that can be a little contradictory since many people have a humble economical background...and for them case may be different.. but i say that if they also pursue their passion they can get whatever they want

The schools and parents should help their  kids to develop their own interests and their own individuality about what they want to be..whether the witty birbal who makes Akbar.."Akbar,The Great" or the confused but brave Alice lost in her wonderland
it should be their choice and if the guardians think it's wrong i believe there should be an explanation.. why???? and not"because i say so"
let the kids be free.. to fly into the sky and be who they want to be and not who they think they want 
i guess such a generation would actually make the democracy of our country more effective...

 so.....what do you say..!!
use your right to speech and post a comment..
if you dont see the comment box click on the blog title and wait for few seconds you will find it below the post..

Monday, January 24, 2011

7 Khoon Maaf - Exclusive Trailer HQ

my favourite song..... nowadayzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...