Sunday, October 17, 2010


 This is my first guest post. It's a post by my friend shubho dey i knew him from my tuition, he is also a blogger and has a blog  named shubho's blog.
He asked me few day's back if he could do a guest post on my blog I would request you all to read and do leave a comment for the boy... so here over to shubho....

Hello everyone and a very happy Durga Puja to all. This is my first guest blog on Anki’s blog.  I am going to share an experience that has touched me deeply. Durga Puja is one of the most awaited festivals of India. On the eve of Asthami (8th day of the festival)
I was out with my friends and celebrating. We were enjoying, laughing and racing on our bikes; breaking as many traffic rules as possible.
 We stopped next to a food stall for some snacks. We were having the time of our lives and everything looked just perfect.  Until my eyes fell upon a small kid. He was very cute and must have been 5-6yrs old. He was helping his father at the stall. His job was to wash the plates and serve the customers. There was a sad look on that boy’s face which nobody happened to notice in that crowd.
I tried to look away but then but things became worse. I looked on the road and saw many children walking with their families. Few of them looked at the stalls but their parents could not afford such luxuries for them. Many were not properly dressed. They looked tired and exhausted yet amazed by the glitz and glamor in of the decorations throughout the city.
I turned back at the kid. I felt sorry for him. Thoughts were racing through my mind. Maybe he doesn’t even realize that he is missing his childhood. Maybe he is okay with his poor situation. Maybe he is so poor that he doesn’t even know what luxuries are. Or maybe his innocent mind has yet not learned to differentiate between rich and poor.
Or maybe he knows everything but is helpless and silently accepted his fate.
I couldn’t do anything for that boy. So am I helpless or have I become selfish. Or have we accepted that not everybody could be taken care of.
Everybody is supposed to enjoy during the festivals.
Then why are these kids not doing what I used to do at his age?
 Why aren’t they roaming about with a careless smile on their face?
 Where’s their ice cream?
Why didn’t they wear new clothes?
 Why are they walking miles instead of sitting inside their car?
 Why doesn’t somebody do something about it??
I am still trying to figure out the answers. It’s easy to forget these questions but not so easy to forget those eyes.


rummuser said...

Shubo, if you did not have all those thoughts and angst, you will not be human. Quite what you can do about it is something that will take a long time for me to explain, but what you can do right now is to perform your duty to the best of your ability, which is to study and launch yourself in a career. Once you are on that path, many ways in which you can contribute to bringing about change in our society will come your way. Be patient.

Ayak said...

What a lovely, thought provoking post by Shubho. Thanks for letting him guest post on your blog Anki xx

Anonymous said...

@ru@Ayak... thnx a lot... i must mention that Anki herself is quiet a thinker and might go on to become a prominent social activist...mmuser... u r ryt... the sufferings of these kids disturbs me and it makes living a normal life quiet difficult... however ur suggstion seems to be the only logical solution...