Thursday, November 4, 2010

happy diwalii

wishing all my readers a very happy and safe diwaliiiii

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ME....I ...and....MYSELF : A Letter to a 30 yearold akanksha singh

The idea for this letter was inspired by one of the episodes of am American sitcom
 How I met your mother...

Dear 30 yr old Akanksha Singh,

So... how are you doing, eh? Hopefully you wouldn’t have gone fat puh-leez, I mean you are of an important age you should be ok-ok typos... I hope. not fat and well I know you will never go thin.
Whatever!!....but loose weight…

I am pretty sure you will be at some important job. Work hard!!! Don’t ever lose hope, your boss can be really  be stingy at times but don’t worry you will be on his/her position in few yearzzz…

How are mum and dad?? I hope you are taking well take care of them. Are you still living with them? Or are yoooooou Miss, became Mrs. Eh??
Honestly I don’t have much hope from you. I mean really the guy must be like super nice and all to marry you off.. You as well as I know that in this whole world it’s actually your dad who can handle you best.. I wish you all the luck Mr. future hubby… so you planning babies.. Or you had one or are you expecting?? Omg…. Like really…!!!!!1
I mean you have seriously grown up…wow..but yeah try your level best to be the best…For them…
 you couldn’t find any such guy….better!! I mean seriously..yaa you don’t need a guy to make you happy…
you can have now as many pets as you want which had always been your wildest fantasies .. Like to pet a tiger cub… see it’s kinda nice if you could reallyy have somebody to look for you.. but remember it’s better to be with no one that to be with the wrong one… and trust me girl you are treasure.. you know that. I know I do..!! you have  been through so much in life dude..  and there were phases of sadness and allofness..but you have conquered all…there is still so much to do… so yeah start up and go for it..

Do never forget your dreams of traveling the world.. whatever be the situation..
But foremost India…you would have to go like all over India.. start saving for it right now..

You started your book..?? you lazy girl…!! Come on , start up .. and remember try making the difference.. I know you couldn’t be “jhansi ki rani” in practical life .. but  “pen is mightier than the sword” so yeah you know you can make a hell of difference.. and the rest you know.. After all you are more experienced than me.. You know well…..

What else.. Are you in contact with any of your friends?? Especially school friends…
I hope you are..

So yaa you blogging any more ?? Hope you now will

So umm.. That’s all I am sure you must be busy wouldn’t take much of your time… so bye for know and write a letter to your 60-year old self too.. okayyy..!!

                                                                                           19 year old Akanksha Singh

This letter will be next read by me  on my 30th b'day..
So you also have anything more to say to my future self do comment here .
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