Thursday, June 30, 2011

an open letter to my estranged lover: mathematics a.k.a maths

dear maths,

i know you must be quite busy, being pampered by those nerds or being fantasized about by those IIT-aspiring scholars.The chances of you reading this are as bleak as my getting a full marks in your tests..
you have been my child-hood companion.. I changed schools, classes and towns.. but you always stayed with me. we could have been best- friends you know.. you, me a pen and a copy where we could have had the pleasure of solving your sweet verses. BUT, you..... !!!

 I started with basics, addition was easy.. but subtraction!!!.. you were so shallow, as you don't let numbers "let go"
...confused me like hell!! but i conquered it, i sure did, took me time.. but i did all for you...
 then came multiplications..... TABLES***horror**!!!..
somethingh which i haven't YET  completely conquered...but i am still trying.. these 20 yrs if necessary see i am doing my best.., just for you.. to win your approval..

As time went by you introduced me to Mr. X who came with his own bunch of problems.. every time,in every question in every chapter with a different identity.. i know/suspect for a fact (and every one does) that he's some kind of con-artist or an impostor i believe i would like to see his passport.. but blinded by  your love i still helped him with all my regard, just asking in return only for what was mine... GRADES...but that mean..( and i mean selfish mean not average mean)...took advantage of me  and brought more of his friends- y,z a,b,c,d.... etc and burdened me with their problems too

i have been strong through all this, keeping my self happy with average grades,getting scolded by my parents (ugh!! they seem to love you, i was good in English, but yet my parents have inhibitions about it, which would not have been there if we both had a good relations) and those pathetic side-glances of class-nerds giving me"maths loves me more" looks.. grrrr made me sooooo jealous
i hope you were happy, putting me into misery and embarrassment..
you are a sadist who loves to laugh on my deplorable condition..

But then you changed, i realised i was good in algebra.. Mr x and miss.a,b,c had started being all nice to me in algebraic domain...i thought you also returned my consideration.. a little,, but then again ARITHMETIC, GEOMETRY!!!.... for crying out loud!!!! you love playing with my feelings don't you..!!!

In my 10th std i worked hard to understand you.. well then you ditched me in my BOARD EXAMZZ...
i picked myself up, i could have  dropped you in +2.. but still... i gave you a chance in 12th.. i did better.. we had a good relation and we functioned greatly.. with calculus and all.

I wanted to understand you deeply and i tried so hard.. but you with your little tantrums ruined me for every one else..
But time and again i keep coming back to you...
like now  call me whatever you like..

BUT...let bygones be bygones
i recently had a fresh start with you....... i have cat exams in hardly three months.... you have not been nice to me my entire picked on me.. played with my emotions... but.. please for the sake of our childhood companionship.. last time.. and the only time i want what i worked for.. marks!!..  you owe me.. after all that i have done for you.... uhh,ok i don't deserve you,OK i am not good enough..for you.. i know you are not bad inside.. but just please make it easier for me... i assure you this time I'll work even more harder to not only be in your good books, but be able to solve them too...
you know even if you don't come to me.. I'll keep coming back  to you...and make you so sick that you will have to take me back..

anomic math learner

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