Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is my first post as a LBC blogger..and i am two weeks late for my first post due to some, let's just call that "  technical difficulties"
But here i am back with my..post.. synchronicity..!! 

Synchronicity……….. synchronization.. to be in sync…!!
Not only it comes with a complicated spelling but with complicated meaning too, due its toilsome applicability.
Music, dance or any form of art looks exquisitely pleasing to the senses when  Synchronized without sync no matter how wonderful the artists are, would give a horrible performance,it is quintessential for dance performances,especially in group to be in synch, which happens to be the most grueling part of the dance.
Any group effort without synchronization would undisputed be doomed, but achieving synchronicity is a very difficult task to handle.
In my life, I have quite a handful of activities which are…
 Sleepin and eating yes,for me they count as activities I cannot compromise on sleep n esp, on food, eating is my hobby and talent too, but no one really recognizes that… anyways!!!
I have my studies,but.. yeah takes only few moments of my day
Net surfing or to be exact facebooking , it’s my second home,

 Watching movies, I am a big time movie buff.

Watching sitcoms.. right now. I am hooked on to  how I met your mother season 6, castle season 3 and glee season 2 will be aired soon  next.. I watch deperate housewives too some times.. I am a huge fan a eva longoria.

Besides them, of course, reading.. I am a voracious reader,and when I am devouring myself to books all the other activities, except eating, yes even sleeping, takes a back seat.i completed my last book on monday  a thousand splendid suns by khalid hossieni.. I am goin to start midnight’s children by salman rushdie soon..(if you have any reading sugestions please do give it to me on my comment box)

Hmm and… yes and of course hanging around with my friends.. and enjoying life..
So yeah I have a lot of activities and I have to make them all go in a sync..that’s 
how the synchronicity rolls for me in day to day life.

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