Friday, August 27, 2010

Hindi hai hum (hindi is our mother tongue) …….. IS ITreally..??? Origin of ‘HINGLISH’ or as I say.. HINDIFICATION OF ENGLISH WORDS…!!

 After our independence, HINDI was declared to be the national language of our country. But this happened only in the paper, what came out in practice was much different.

Few days back I was copying hindi notes from one of my classmate, shalini, now shalini hails from a Hindi-medium school which means that she studied all the subjects at school level in Hindi…. Unlike me!!  I really presumed that she will be very good in Hindi.. But…. I was astounded to read her notes.. There were so many mistakes in spelling and basic grammar, she comes from a Hindi medium school (for god’s sake) and she is making such basic mistakes…. I did correct some and then I did point out to her some ,she was a bit embarrassed(any one will be.. including me if I was her) and then excused herself that ma’am was very fast while dictating.

                                  I have an ICSE English medium, hindi was taught to us as second language , we were made to study Sanskrit  only from class 5th-8th. During my results, my father always saw my Hindi paper first (unlike other parents who would go for maths , in my dad’s list it came 2nd). We come from Hindi speaking states, and my father is himself well-versed in this language.. oh! How my dad used to scold me about my bad handwriting and spelling mistake…(in Hindi language) I was good in Hindi grammar, pronunciation.. But not in spelling. Now in my college, Hindi is just a minor paper(but compulsory) . I was always good in English (relatively, of course) but that never made my dad proud…!!

I am not writing this to emphasize on my bad spellings in hindi…but this is not just my problem.. there are many Indians, irrespective of their educational backgrounds, who are not well versed in Hindi and well not even in English, it is really surprising to know.. that a common person( AAM ADMI,MANGO PEOPLE) do not really have a language .

In India an illiterate ,would also know 3-4 words of English, but there is no guarantee of proper pronunciation (neither in English nor in Hindi).. Infact so many people miss-spell and miss-pronounce even the word  ‘PRONUNCIATION’. we Indians today do not have a language .. Spain has Spanish, France has French and india..??

These are some picz with wrong grammar….

Today Indians have HINGLISH or what I like to call HINDIFICATION OF ENGLISH WORDS(HOEW) for eg. What-what things are important.?? Return back,
 Different-different things happening.. etc  these are the very common blunders which I hear people uttering every now and then...

For the urban kids nowadays.. speaking in English is kool.. while in hindi NAMAkool(worthless).  Today’s generation are not well versed in either of these languages perfectly, there is a new language now…HINGLISH!!!

Is it good bad or ugly..?? please give your opinion…. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010


i am in college now.. and with the teacher's day near the practice and all have started.... this reminded me of my school dayss......

I have spent around 8 years in rose bud school, and the best time of the year for all THE STUDENTZZ used to be the teacher's day...... no actually the preparation of teacher's day.... THE MOST DRAMATIC PERIOD OF THE YEAR... EMOTIONS,FRIENDSHIP,TEARS,DRAMA,DANCE MUSIC,ROMANCE(if u get lucky)FUN,TEAMWORK,CREATIVITY....CAT-FIGHTS.. BREAKING UP, MAKING UP... u name it and it was there......

Actually it was the only activity which the student did without the supervision.. or any knowledge of the teachers,... it was "ASSUMED" to be a surprise god knows if we did surprise them......

Those 5 days had every bit of a a thing which was never ever experienced through-out the year....

The thinking and the planning  already starts from the last year teacher's day...but the actual discussions among the students would happen from the third week of august. there were mostly two kinds of programmes that happened.. each class had to perform..1 DANCE AND 1 SKIT:


1.Dance was usually done by the girls... only a few boys were interested in it..but the girls never took those boys...LOL so if they had a majority, they made their own other group, but many were not as lucky(like the guys in my class)

2.the first selection.. ..a big DEBATE would take place.. but at the end the majority would win.. and the minority...accepted it!!!.... because they knew the song will be changed at a minimum of 3 times.. it was a rule.... any group sticking to one song throughout the programme is pulling of a miracle.

3. now there is supposed to be one SO-CALLED LEADER.. who would teach every one the DANCE... some times the teachers appointed them... otherwise there were also some self- proclaimed appointments ....Here came the politics.. mostly the popular one got to be the LEADER... uhh.. it was a great honour...!!!!

4.there were always be some kids with TWO LEFT FEET but they were  taken.....why???... "UHH..she's my friend and she is v.emotional" and the ones who are not the friends will be shown the door...

5. The competition...... "oh, i saw the A SECTION kids my goodness.. we have to show themm!!!"

6.if you are lucky to have a pink dress with white polkadots then well and good and if not... beg each and every person you know for it of your own size else leave the show(this is where the crying took place)...thus later we tried to end the rigidity of the dress codes...

7. at last the programme hmm.... all performed.. if its all done properly thenn... yeah its a WIN-WIN else.. the one who forgot the steps.. would be seen with daggers on for the entire school year.......!!!!!!!


1.Almost every one is invited to gender partiality happened there.. BECAUSE ANYONE was hardly interested in skits.. was not very often..(but it happened in my case) clashes of the skit..2 skits but only one will be performed.... n well mine was performed.!!!!... and the skit has to be a comedy.. no serious issues will be tolerated...!!!!

3.the characters ... the director would have to convince the kids to do the part for which they'll fit... after a lot of persuasion and black-mailing....... every one is ready.....!!

4. changes in the skit ....sometimes the skit will only change

5. costumes and props...are to be arranged... the director has to talk to every single child in the class for this and make sure they brings it...

6.besides the competition one has to also be careful....hmm.. that the others are not copying them..

7.the performance happens...... if all laugh.. at your jokes then nice else be ready to be laughed at for the entire school year

amongst all this preparations the people who didn't participate in anything had the best time... just coming to school no studies watching the DRAMA... have a nice laugh and go home....

i don't know how much did the teachers enjoyed the show.... but we did while putting it up for them.......:)

 in college now...  i am hardly interested in participating.. in any activity...because i don't get the same DRAMA which i got in my school... and that was the real fun..!!!

friends... RESOLVED

all is resolved now..... we'll be having d treat on 4 Th September... when the classes will be dismissed due to teacher's day celebrations.... i am tooo excited about it....will post the fun i had........

Friday, August 20, 2010


I am very pissed of right now.... there are four people in my gang I'D call them PATHAK,JAISWAL n rose, pathak is my bestest friend since since 8th std. both of us met jaiswal and rose in our junior college commerce stream, now we are in graduation . jaiswal and rose are with me in commerce while my best friend pathak is in economics department

Rose had her b'day in may while me in there were holidays and all of us were not present at the same time in the town, we decided that we'll give the treat when the college,in july.

now... its august.. n still i and rose are in middle of no where of giving the's like a liability..both n pathak and jaiswal had treated us on their b'dayz so of course we had to treat them too. the problem is that those three can never be free on one particular day. pathak has a lot of family commitments.. she can't come on Sunday as her dad works out of town and comes only on weekends.. jaiswal also has some family commitments (not as much as pathak's though)and even if we do decide like spontaneously she's so moody that the plan is postponed.. with rose well she doesn't want to miss the classes only because of attendance(we attend college only for attendance) and there are no public holidays coming up on which we can treat .

well whenever me, jaiswal and rose decide a day (as we are in the same class we see each other every day) it becomes implied that I'll tell pathak as i am much closer to her. when i tell her the plan she would cancel it due to family commitments.. or etc... she'll decide a new date and then of course it's my duty to tell the other they are my classmates.. and then they'll reject it.

It's been a whole month like this and the worst part is that pathak complains to me about them and they complain to me about pathak while I have nothing to do about it... i am getting pissed off at all 3 of them and today i have totally withdrawn myself from all of this :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

On second thoughts… I wish I were a minority..

I am a high caste Rajput. And I am really proud about my royal roots. But the system in my country, India, in the present day scenario is such that it makes me wish I were a MINORITY.

 The caste system in India has deep roots from the prime time of the evolution of the civilization. India is one of the oldest civilizations of the world, and the caste system is equally old in its origin. When the Aryans came into our country they had forced the people of the harappan or Indus valley civilization who were residing in the northern part of the country to the south. At that time Pakistan and Afghanistan were also a part of India. The Aryans were nature worshippers, they worshipped sun god, wind god etc

                                It was them who had started the system of caste system. It was basically a division of work and nothing else, since the prodigy took the occupation of their father it became a caste and a part of their identity. The kids did have a choice of occupation but with time things changed.

The public were divided into 4 groups according to the work they did;.

The first were Brahmins or pundits, the learned caste. They had all the knowledge of the Vedas and other religious scriptures. They were given a lot of respect in the society as they were the official teachers of the society, and is every community guru,or the teacher holds the highest post
The second were the Rajput, the warrior class,(I am a rajput). The kings, queens, princess, princesses and soldiers belonged to this caste. They were the rulers and the protectors of the community
The third were vaishya or the business class. It consisted of those people who were indulged in business transactions, commerce etc
The fourth were shudra which were people who did the menial works etc. they were basically the minorities. This caste later came out as UNTOUCHABLES and HARIJANS, (people send by god) by Gandhi ji during the independence movement.

Gradually, which happens in like almost every civilization the stronger started exploited the weaker. Much exploitation took place but I am not going into that detail as I am not here to teach history. So on a more important note I would come to the point that why do I want to be a MINORITY.

After the independence it was felt necessary by the founding fathers of our country that for a balanced development the upliftment of weaker sections is the need of the hour. For a period of 10 years, in the initial stage,( this were subsequently extended for every 10 years through constitutional amendments) a RESERVATION  was provided to these people for  political representation and economical development.

But due to political pressure and vote bank, the reservation is still prevails while it was just to be present for 10 years and now it is more than 50%. Today also, similarly like the old times people are judged by their birth. There are so many people whom I know who are very well financially and they come under a minority caste and they are growing even more which is good. But then there are people who are really in need for development but are not given the opportunity because they are of high birth.

The very famous and top college of commerce of our country SRI RAM COLLEGE OF COMMERCE(SRCC) gives an almost of 10-12% relaxation of marks to the OBC(other backward castes) and SC/ST(schedule caste and schedule tribes). The cut off this college goes up to 97% but this is only for general caste .... but if you are a OBC or SC/ST with 88 % then also one can get admission in this college.

The people with a reservation have brahmastra (which means weapon of god) metaphorically in academics. Today any person who is an OBC or SC/ST then can easily get admission in any top colleges with very average and above average marks.

Our leaders talk about equality but they are not ready to do anything about this matter . Many students were also killed in protest of this quota system/reservation.
26% of the population of our country is still under the poverty line but there is no reservation for them .If the government want to provide reservation then why not for people with weaker economical background.

Unfortunately this is hardly going to happen………..

Ummm… can’t find a conclusion to this!!!!

Which is my home town?

Recently i joined facebook and they asked me about my home town.and i didn't know what to write. a very simple question but i had no answer,let me tell you why?

I am an Indian girl aged 19,studying commerce at a graduate level and i aspire to work in the corporate sector.
i live in Patna,which is the capital of bihar,i was born in jammu,which is the capital of the state jammu and Kashmir. my parents had a love marriage and i am there only child. my mother hails from Punjab, and my father from uttar pradesh. (both two different states)

Now if you are not an Indian you would never know..what a big cultural ,geographical,extremes are these places.let me a give you a little insight into these places geographically and culturally.

PATNA,BIHAR where i am living since 1997, is a plane area,not at all industrially developed,but with good schools,so the people here are very intelligent... even cunning at times, hardworking, and absolute DESI (country people). The kids here crack most of the competitive exams,like engineering,medical, and the toughest of all.. civil services. But bihar does not have a very good political reputation throughout the country. it is still under-developed in comparison to other cites of our country.
Well i like Patna, but most of it is rural... not all ,the place where i live is pretty urban but yeah we don't have malls and all, i have my friends who are nice n well brought up..but the major crowd still needs to groom themselves a lot. But Patna will always be special to me, i spend my whole childhood here, and had the best time of my life till now, here. but i still cannot call it my home-town

JAMMU,J&k i was born there. it is approx.1500km away from Patna. It is in the northern side of the country, it is a hilly area, not exactly a hill station, but yes it is surrounded by hills,the people here have weirdly fair complexion, the major population here consists of Muslims and a local creed called kashmiri pundits(the priest class of this state). Nehru ji also belonged to this state. the local language is dogri and kashmiri, and i don't understand a word of it.Though it is my birth place, but still i cannot buy a property of this state,even if i have lived my entire life there still i cant buy a piece of land in this state legally because there is a special law that a person having some paternal or maternal roots can only buy land in this state and my parents don't have any,and again its politically disturbed area and in dispute with our neighboring country.
I love jammu, the place, the people, but i cannot call it my home town.

PUNJAB it is near j&k its a plain is the agricultural state of my country, the people here are very impulsive,helpful,funny,street-smart, bold and loud. my mum was born in amritsar, though i have rarely been there as my grand-parents are not alive and my mum's brothers and sisters live in different cities, we visit them often. i like Punjab and very proud to have my roots here but well i dunno the language of this place very well (punjabi)and also i am far from being loud though i am impulsive but i take that as a bad attitude,

KANPUR, UP it is my technical home town though i have hardly been here, my dad hails from a village near kanpur.. most of his family is still there but i hardly see them i am not a snob but the village lacks many facilities to which a city child like me cant really live, my dad 's 2 elder brothers(my tayaji, and chacha ji) live in Lucknow and Delhi respectively i have been to lucknow many times, one of the favorite cities i have ever visited, but i am not sure if i can call either of them my home town. I like the culture of U.P it is near bihar, the language here is hindi,so no language barrier atleat, it is my home town paternally , but i know nothing about kanpur.

. I am proud and so lucky to be associated to all these places, i love the food of all these places, alot ,i am a complex blend of all these cultures calling myself bihari or kanpuriya, doesn't do justice to who i am..... i wish there was a way where in 1 word i can explain my home.. i think INDIA..can be it!!!

Oops just tried,but facebook did not accept it.
.but i wish the world does.