Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy republic day: a thought to ponder!!

Today is our republic day...
the day our constitution was adopted ......

our constitution gave us the  status of being a democratic country...
fundamental rights....!!!!!!

But have we as indians made proper use of these rights!!!!!!...
Do we speak on the right momentz?.... like when jessica lal was shot dead before 300 people.. did any one care to speak for her in the court...!!!
In all these corruption scandals did even one person came out to speak about it...
it's the same old rule.."all is fair, until you get caught"
Many people ponder it's the "let go" syndrome that we suffer from..

But i feel it's just our attitude of not speaking our mind on the right moment... i already wrote about it in my earlier post theThe Unexpressive indians 
And i still stand by it.. that we indians lack the adequate communicative skills

Identity crisis is also a major issue which i see with the kids of my age..
I have friends who say
                          " my childhood dream was to study in IIT"
but only few of them told me
                           " my childhood dream was to become an engineer"

i have seen literature students not being interested in talking about Shakespeare and i ask myself ..... "WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING  IN WHATEVER THEY ARE DOING!!!!"

I know girls who are  studying just for the sake of getting a good husband but not to make a career

itz not that every one has to be an engineer, manager or doctor...but follow your passion should be the key to your life not what is koool.. or what every one else is doing?/

or where is more moneyyyyyy!!!!!
ok that can be a little contradictory since many people have a humble economical background...and for them case may be different.. but i say that if they also pursue their passion they can get whatever they want

The schools and parents should help their  kids to develop their own interests and their own individuality about what they want to be..whether the witty birbal who makes Akbar.."Akbar,The Great" or the confused but brave Alice lost in her wonderland
it should be their choice and if the guardians think it's wrong i believe there should be an explanation.. why???? and not"because i say so"
let the kids be free.. to fly into the sky and be who they want to be and not who they think they want 
i guess such a generation would actually make the democracy of our country more effective...

 so.....what do you say..!!
use your right to speech and post a comment..
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Monday, January 24, 2011

7 Khoon Maaf - Exclusive Trailer HQ

my favourite song..... nowadayzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...