Friday, October 15, 2010

water : a privilege

on the eve of the world blog action day 2010..  here's my post on water..!!

WATER (H2O)  .. well i would be exaggerating if i start on with the importance of water in our lives...!!!
but we all are a part of the intricate balance of our nature /environment...and yes it,s our need to save water. here are some ways which we could do at our home to save water on an individual level
1. don't leave the tap on while brushing
2. try taking a shower rather than bath.. takes less time...
3. save the water that you have used to wash vegetables and put it in your plants
4. washing machine takes less water 4 washing..!!
5 if u have some water left in your glass after drinking then put it in a plant rather than put it in sink
6. if your house,society can have rain water harvester ... that will be awesome
 all these are some of the things  that we can all do on an individual level to save water..!!
till the n stay healthy and happy.........


Ayak said...

Good post Anki and I have referred to it in my post today. xx

rummuser said...

I am very proud of you.

anki said...

thank you gran pop..!!!
and thank you ayak 4d reference it was very kind of you...