Monday, October 11, 2010

MY FIRST AWARD..................!!!!!!!!!!!

heyy this my first ever award. this was given to me by gaelikaa thank you. she is herself a great writer and yes i have already told her, even before i started reading her blog, that she should consider her writing professionally. so as per the custom i have to write 8 things about me...

1. I  have been wearing specs since i was 3 years old and i still wear it.
2. i want to go to Srinagar with my parents. Srinagar is a hill station in north of india. my parents lived there were for like 8years(it could have been my birth place) but they had to run away due to terrorists attacks. i was born after this still remains the most disturbed and the most beautiful place on earth. i want my parents to take me there and show me places.
3. I have had more than dozen crushes and none of them knows i had a crush on them <3
4. when i was in 7th std i wanted to be a DON,like underworld DON or MAFIA.
5. i cried like baby in the movie  P.S. I LOVE YOU
6. i am lousy at household chores
7. i am a trained classical bharatnatyam dancer and a trained classical singer.
8. I want to ride a tractor.(maybe i'll do it when i'll go to my village)

thankyou one and all !!!

now i would like to pass on this to shubo's blog

and Ramana's Musings


Ayak said...

Well done's a lovely feeling to get your first award isn't it. I hope its the first of many.

Interesting 8 things about you!

anki said...

thanks ayak n congo to you too... good work!!!
we rock...

rummuser said...

Congratulations. I rarely do the memes but shall make an exception, accept your award and try to write about those eight things that you have listed. Thank you for the honour Anki.