Thursday, August 19, 2010

Which is my home town?

Recently i joined facebook and they asked me about my home town.and i didn't know what to write. a very simple question but i had no answer,let me tell you why?

I am an Indian girl aged 19,studying commerce at a graduate level and i aspire to work in the corporate sector.
i live in Patna,which is the capital of bihar,i was born in jammu,which is the capital of the state jammu and Kashmir. my parents had a love marriage and i am there only child. my mother hails from Punjab, and my father from uttar pradesh. (both two different states)

Now if you are not an Indian you would never know..what a big cultural ,geographical,extremes are these places.let me a give you a little insight into these places geographically and culturally.

PATNA,BIHAR where i am living since 1997, is a plane area,not at all industrially developed,but with good schools,so the people here are very intelligent... even cunning at times, hardworking, and absolute DESI (country people). The kids here crack most of the competitive exams,like engineering,medical, and the toughest of all.. civil services. But bihar does not have a very good political reputation throughout the country. it is still under-developed in comparison to other cites of our country.
Well i like Patna, but most of it is rural... not all ,the place where i live is pretty urban but yeah we don't have malls and all, i have my friends who are nice n well brought up..but the major crowd still needs to groom themselves a lot. But Patna will always be special to me, i spend my whole childhood here, and had the best time of my life till now, here. but i still cannot call it my home-town

JAMMU,J&k i was born there. it is approx.1500km away from Patna. It is in the northern side of the country, it is a hilly area, not exactly a hill station, but yes it is surrounded by hills,the people here have weirdly fair complexion, the major population here consists of Muslims and a local creed called kashmiri pundits(the priest class of this state). Nehru ji also belonged to this state. the local language is dogri and kashmiri, and i don't understand a word of it.Though it is my birth place, but still i cannot buy a property of this state,even if i have lived my entire life there still i cant buy a piece of land in this state legally because there is a special law that a person having some paternal or maternal roots can only buy land in this state and my parents don't have any,and again its politically disturbed area and in dispute with our neighboring country.
I love jammu, the place, the people, but i cannot call it my home town.

PUNJAB it is near j&k its a plain is the agricultural state of my country, the people here are very impulsive,helpful,funny,street-smart, bold and loud. my mum was born in amritsar, though i have rarely been there as my grand-parents are not alive and my mum's brothers and sisters live in different cities, we visit them often. i like Punjab and very proud to have my roots here but well i dunno the language of this place very well (punjabi)and also i am far from being loud though i am impulsive but i take that as a bad attitude,

KANPUR, UP it is my technical home town though i have hardly been here, my dad hails from a village near kanpur.. most of his family is still there but i hardly see them i am not a snob but the village lacks many facilities to which a city child like me cant really live, my dad 's 2 elder brothers(my tayaji, and chacha ji) live in Lucknow and Delhi respectively i have been to lucknow many times, one of the favorite cities i have ever visited, but i am not sure if i can call either of them my home town. I like the culture of U.P it is near bihar, the language here is hindi,so no language barrier atleat, it is my home town paternally , but i know nothing about kanpur.

. I am proud and so lucky to be associated to all these places, i love the food of all these places, alot ,i am a complex blend of all these cultures calling myself bihari or kanpuriya, doesn't do justice to who i am..... i wish there was a way where in 1 word i can explain my home.. i think INDIA..can be it!!!

Oops just tried,but facebook did not accept it.
.but i wish the world does.

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