Friday, August 20, 2010


I am very pissed of right now.... there are four people in my gang I'D call them PATHAK,JAISWAL n rose, pathak is my bestest friend since since 8th std. both of us met jaiswal and rose in our junior college commerce stream, now we are in graduation . jaiswal and rose are with me in commerce while my best friend pathak is in economics department

Rose had her b'day in may while me in there were holidays and all of us were not present at the same time in the town, we decided that we'll give the treat when the college,in july.

now... its august.. n still i and rose are in middle of no where of giving the's like a liability..both n pathak and jaiswal had treated us on their b'dayz so of course we had to treat them too. the problem is that those three can never be free on one particular day. pathak has a lot of family commitments.. she can't come on Sunday as her dad works out of town and comes only on weekends.. jaiswal also has some family commitments (not as much as pathak's though)and even if we do decide like spontaneously she's so moody that the plan is postponed.. with rose well she doesn't want to miss the classes only because of attendance(we attend college only for attendance) and there are no public holidays coming up on which we can treat .

well whenever me, jaiswal and rose decide a day (as we are in the same class we see each other every day) it becomes implied that I'll tell pathak as i am much closer to her. when i tell her the plan she would cancel it due to family commitments.. or etc... she'll decide a new date and then of course it's my duty to tell the other they are my classmates.. and then they'll reject it.

It's been a whole month like this and the worst part is that pathak complains to me about them and they complain to me about pathak while I have nothing to do about it... i am getting pissed off at all 3 of them and today i have totally withdrawn myself from all of this :)

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