Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sytem Architecture!

Harry had introduced to Mr.Weasly, who was always so interested in the know-how of muggle world, to his cousin Dudley who was now a programmer  in a major IT company in London.

Harry: Hey, Couz DuD can you explain to Mr. Weasly what is System Architecture and how muggles (non-magical ) people use computers.

Dudley didn't like the tone of it. He was as usual intimidated by Harry and his magical friends and just to get rid of them he thought he would explain and answer quickly and briefly and get it over with.

Dudley: So, you see Mr. Weasly ,A system architecture is the conceptual model that defines the structure,behavior,and more view of a computer system.Computer Science refers to programs about data structure which is to be processed and it's application which signifies how is it to be processed.The data is the raw information while it's application is the way by which raw information is to be processed and used for final use,for this we need a system.A computer system consists of both hardware and software by,hardware we mean the physical components of a computer and by software we mean the written rules or information or logic which processes the data entered..

Mr.Weasly (baffled and confused) : So software is like spells and hardware is like the wand.

Dudley : Yes, ummm.. if that's how you wanna put it.
Ok, so well you see data and the application should be kept separately. There are different ways through which  this system is structured which is - One tier, Two tier, three tier,and multi tier.

Mr. Weasly : Well I need to complement about  the logic that you muggles use to solve your issues and work efficiently. REMARKABLE!

Dudley: Thank you Mr. Weasly! (proudly)

Harry: Well Mr. Weasly you will be astonished over what and how non-magic people do things.!

Mr Weasly (chuckles): I already am, Harry!

Dudley: So coming further,Single tier-system is where the data and the application are on the same platform while  Two-tier system is where the data and the application are kept in two different platforms, and similarly Tier-three is where the data, application and then the final result are shown on three different platforms.

Mr Weasly: hmm.. this all sounds really interesting.. it's so simple and prolific yet so unique!

Dudley: There may also arise certain amount of traffic as to LAN and WAN ie, Local Area Network and World Area Network. LAN is used for connecting  a client and server. A client is a computer on the network that request services or sends queries and a server is a computer that caters to this service. It is used in the two-tier systems. WAN also has the same function, but it's just that the bandwidth increases as the area of network is large, it's used for multi-tier systems.
A Multi-tier systems where the entire process is done on the web browser. it is the platform on which the INTERNET works.

Harry: You see Mr. Weasly for the non-magical people INTERNET works the best for gaining information. It's better than the Daily Prophet.

Mr.Weasly: I am astonished at the way people work here in the muggle world. You muggles have done great things for yourself. kudos to you all!!! 

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