Thursday, March 8, 2012


You see women around  as the little girl who peeps at you through her window when you cross her house and suddenly vanishes after seeing you, the old women who grimes at every other person passing by her with a grumpy look, it could be the middle aged pummy aunty/Sharma aunty who is flaunting off her American diamonds, it could be her friends(all females) who are looking at her necklace with hungry eyes and flattering her on her face when we all know they would bitch about her behind her back. You see that freckled girl sitting at a corner of her class busy solving a physics book, or those naughty-catty group of barbies moving in an al a mode in their gangs giving look at every passersby and intimidating them with their insightful piercing look.
You could see that girl next door girl turning into a diva just as she shifts to a metro city, or that intellectual girl who has an opinion on everything but you know what she shies away from boys, she could be that girl who plays football with the men and guess what she is better than them but that is the reason no guy looks at her!!! It could be the the ultimate social butterfly, the gossip girl who knows all her who’s who! She is also the one who could compromise on her values just to achieve what she wants, but don’t judge her you don’t know what made her so. She could be a trophy wife who just flaunt her husband’s money while he is busy cheating on her with some other women. Now the other woman is either with him as she has never seen a good man in her life or maybe because of the money. She could be the snob who looks down upon on everyone as apparently no one can be as good as her.
She could be the strong ambitious straight forward woman who just wants to fulfil her career goal, she might seem she doesn’t have heart or has no emotions.. but really think again! Then there are those who do not need a man to complete her intellectually or emotionally, and those who read mills and boons the entire day, and dream of a vampire super-hero! She could be the ultimate wannabe who thinks if she behaves in a certain way she will be cool.. but we all know where that is going. She could be that old ancient aunt who still lives in 1950’s and would lecture you on ‘sansakari-sabhyata’..
She is the one who thinks about her family first, who gives away her life and her dreams away just to be with her child. She is the one who fights for her rights and for others too, she can be the strongest ruler the world has ever seen or the dumbest hotel princess (read:paris hilton) who cares only about her hair and shoes and her pet poodle’s hair and shoes, but beware it could just be ploy of hers she could be a shrewd business women inside and no one would ever know. She has been saint mira, could be austen,or is it the loud mouthed rakhi sawant(yes, she is also a women,Techincalyy don’t be so hard on her).
This and so much more.....
I could have described you or someone who know.... you can love her you can hate her but you cannot ignore her
The key to understanding a women is not to try to understand her just RESPECT her for who she is. Treat her the way she wants to be treated. this is not just for the men out there but also to the fellow lovely ladies too.. who see themselves and likes of them everyday around them but perhaps ignore or forget that they after all  belong to the same set of chromosomes and hence share a special comradely with one and all.. it’s just RESPECT  yeah a little show of an understanding that she wants..but well it goes more hazy from there also, doesn’t it.. enjoy !!**laugh**
Wishing you all the lovely ladies A HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY !

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